C-1918 series

The door handles series C-1918 (whose name pays homage to the year of the Architect Castiglioni’s birth) is one of the last projects by Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavaglià, whose collaboration (1972-2002) led to the realization of different scale projects over the years: urban, architectural, of interior (for shops and offices) and settings (for exhibitions and museums).

Bringing the design to production, of what would later be transformed into the most modern design, Castiglioni and Cavaglià, eclectic architects and designers, have studied, designed and produced elaborate objects, equipment and lighting devices, first made in an artisanal way according to more or less consolidated traditions. Constantly maintaining the typical inclination of Castiglioni, who was interacting primarily with the end user, while staying away from the production of a purely consumerist market, they always have attempted to provide solutions for something missing: in this case concerning the too anonymous nature of door handles on the market at the end of the Seventies

The common observation of the handles, sections and materials of the object door handle, was soon transformed into the design theme of the C-1918, finally realized today by dnd by Martinelli (always in search of innovation), thanks to Giovanna e Piergiorgio Castiglioni and to the drawings retrieved from the Archives of the Castiglioni Foundation.

A handle for doors and windows, but also two pull handles, produced in AISI 316 stainless steel, with copper inserts, PVD treated, which prevents oxidation.


Produced in two versions, polished steel and brushed steel, the door handle C-1918 arises from the tendency for comfort that becomes aesthetic: the handle, visually reminiscent of a blade, does not restrict the movement. The hand grasps the copper; the extremity ending, exigency for comfort, becomes a design element.